Watchfire is the leading provider of Website Quality of Experience Management Solutions that put you in control of your website. By supplying intelligence on simulated visitor interaction with site content and website transactions, we help you maximize your website’s potential of delivering a high Quality of Experience (QoE). Detailed performance and reliability reporting allows divided teams within your organization to come together, be more productive, and ultimately drive your ebusiness forward. Reporting, analysis and measurement solutions provide corporations with a real-time view of critical ebusiness aspects. Watchfire’s solutions optimize ebusiness websites and empower corporations to outperform competitors and dominate markets.
Watchfire’s Solutions include:

LinkbotTM Enterprise Server puts you in control of your enterprise website throughout the Web Development Life Cycle. It analyzes the quality of experience your site’s content and advanced Internet technologies gives your customers. Content analysis is collected in a central database that users query to automatically generate customized reports. These reports provide web stakeholders with the vital business information they need to ensure their website’s content and technology are fully optimized. Scan data can be exported to Linkbot™ Developer for full website optimization, so web teams can better manage the sophisticated content, applications and performance of their complex web environments.

LinkbotTM Developer Edition is a web content analysis solution that enables professional web developers to analyze and optimize their content for integrity, effectiveness, and reliability. It automatically scans for more than 50 types of problems, including pages with JavaScript, FORM tags, Flash files, multi-session IDs, and sites containing Lotus Notes/Domino. Customized built-in reporting generates detailed graphical reports of errors that need to be resolved. By validating website content, and providing full integration with leading HTML editors for quick repair, Linkbot Developer gives web developers and QA managers the power to make sure their website works.

MetabotTM analyzes and optimizes metadata used on a website and delivers its results through detailed web-based reports to key ebusiness stakeholders. Using wizards, Metabot automatically generates, inserts, and manages metadata for HTML and Microsoft Office documents. Metabot’s metadata management enhances the precision of networked information retrieval, provides documents with content integrity, and enhances searching capabilities on website and company intranets. This indispensable solution lets managers get a handle on how metatag standards are being complied with across the corporation.