About Tetranet

Tetranet, the leading provider of solutions for Website Quality of Experience Management, helps put organizations in control of their websites. Founded in 1996, Tetranet’s analysis, reporting, and optimization solutions provide website stakeholders with intelligence on the effectiveness and performance of website content and ecommerce applications.

Tetranet solutions help to drive the revenue and profitability of web properties by increasing customer loyalty and brand equity. By ensuring the integrity of content and ecommerce applications, Watchfire’s solutions also help to maximize communication efficiencies on mission critical internet sites, intranets, and extranets.

Since its inception, Tetranet has consistently experienced over 300% annual revenue growth, making it one of the fastest growing Internet Software Vendors in North America (Information Week).

Tetranet currently sells to over 60 countries and has an installed customer base of more than 75,000 users. Tetranet customers include over half of the Fortune 500 companies and many of the largest ecommerce, government, and educational sites in North America, including AT&T;, Anderson Consulting, Boeing, Cisco, Dell Computer, Ford, General Motors, Harvard, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Tetranet has established strategic alliances with leading hardware and software technology developers to ensure integrated solutions for our customers. Our strategic partners include: Allaire, Vignette, Microsoft, Gomez, Atomz, Compuware, Telemate, Decise and Sausage.
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Tetranet Solutions

Content QoE Management:
Linkbot™ Enterprise Server, analyzes 50 types of potential problems within the content of even the most sophisticated intranet, Internet and extranet sites from a visitor’s perspective. Linkbot Enterprise Server stores the information in a database that allows each website stakeholder to view fully customized reports, drawing only information that is relevant to them. Linkbot Enterprise Server integrates with Linkbot™ Developer Edition to ensure that large distributed web development teams can analyze and optimize their content for integrity, effectiveness, and reliability.

Metabot™ provides proactive metadata management for HTML, MS Office and PDF documents. Metabot enhances the effectiveness of networked information retrieval and provides documents with content integrity. It also enhances searching capabilities on corporate sites, helping drive traffic to your website.

Transaction QoE Management:
Macrobot™ analyzes the ongoing quality of ecommerce websites. It mirrors transactions from a customer’s perspective by recording interactive website application scenarios for future playback. Comprehensive transaction analysis is delivered through web-based reports to key ebusiness stakeholders. Performance benchmarks are defined by users for real-time functional problem alerts, which helps to ensure that mission critical ecommerce components are available for business.